Public Fare, Interiors by Crate and Barrel 

One of the coziest places we recently traipsed to was Public Fare at Winter Village in Bryant Park. Before our Valentine’s Day dinner we had decided that we would go ice skating, but with the crowds and wind we opted to try Public Fare instead. 

This large pop up restaurant was designed by Crate and Barrel. The decor makes you feel as if you’re in a Crate and Barrel showroom that serves food and wine. We think it’s genius because we have all been there in their stores, checking out patio furniture and wishing that instead of looking at price tags for the fancy margarita glasses that someone would just bring us one instead. Finally Crate and Barrel delivers on our fantasy!

While the cozy and open atmosphere are great, the real added bonus is sitting rink side and watching the ice skaters. The rink really makes the experience at Public Fare as it’s a great place to hang out or warm up from being on the ice. The only tip is that since it is a pop up restaurant they don’t have bathrooms so if you need one you have to use the public ones at Bryant Park. 

Make sure to Traipse to Public Fare before it close on March 5, 2017.

Happy Traipsing!


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