Urban Coalhouse

Urban Coalhouse in Hoboken recently opened and was definitely worth the wait! The food was delicious and a great place to wine down with friends after a long week!

The restaurant does not take reservations so plan on getting there 10-15 minutes prior to your desired meal time because this new pizza and bar spot is hopping! Thankfully the restaurant is large enough to accommodate the crowd and seats you quickly.

Once we were at the table our eyes traipsed over the menu quite a few times because every dish looked so good it was hard to decide! For starters each couple ordered a bottle of wine, since they were fairly priced at $29 / bottle. Paired with the drinks was an order of calamari and the spinach artichoke dip. Both appetizers were delicious and generous portions. As The Traipsing Co. says, “You could order those two plates and a salad and call it a meal!” However, this being a new restaurant we were obligated to test a few entrées as well.

For dinner oddly enough both couples order two of the restaurants top dishes, the penne vodka with chicken and the personal Brussel sprout pizza. One word will sum up these dishes, YUMMMMMM! Our favorite award goes to the pizza because it’s in season and the sweetness of the caramelized onions along with the balsamic reduction that was drizzled over the pizza complimented the saltiness of the cheese and the tart taste of the Brussel sprouts. The pizza is also thin crust, which gives this another gold star in our book!

There are many more artisan pizzas and dishes that need to be tasted, which makes Urban Coalhouse a new favorite that we will easily be traipsing back too!

For more info, visit Urban Coalhouse’s website at  http://urbancoalhouse.com




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