La Isla Uptown

Brunch at La Isla Uptown in Hoboken is the perfect combination of a trendy atmosphere, tasty drinks and Cuban favorites!

Our table began with a pitcher of sparkling sangria and plantain chips to share. The sangria was light, crisp and not too sweet. It was the perfect compliment to our meals. The plantain chips were long, crunchy and had a hint of salt to them. Even though the chips are not listed as a side on the menu, don’t hesitate to ask for them.

For our entrées, we order two of the famous Omar French Toast. One with a side of bacon and the other with home fries. The other guests ordered the same salad but one had the grilled chicken and the other with shrimp. The Omar French Toast is the most decadent breakfast dish that We have ever ordered. Its crunchy on the outside since it is breaded in corn flakes and almonds, which is then lightly toasted. The center is stuffed with a strawberry, guava cream cheese that compliments the crunch of the outside nicely. Both pieces of french toast are drizzled in a strawberry reduction to further enhance the filling.

The salads were light and not overly dressed in EVO and fresh lemon juice. The shrimp on the salad was plump and full of flavor that made the entire dish pop.  The smoothness of the queso fresco against the pumpkin seeds was brought out by the simplicity of the dressing. It was also nice that this salad was topped with only 4 red onion rings. We love red onions in salad, but absolutely hate when there are too many and you spend time picking them out of the dish over enjoying it. All of our plates make this restaurant traipse worthy and we’ll definitely be traipsing back to La Isla soon!


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