Dino and Harrys in Hoboken

Need your steak fix in Hoboken? Check out Hoboken’s steakhouse, Dino and Harrys. They deliver the quality of a New York City steakhouse without the New York City price tag.

First, we want to pay a bit of attention to their bread basket, which offered more than the traditional steakhouse baguette. This included crackers and bread sticks, which is a nice alternative if you want to snack on something a little lighter. After we nibbled on the bread and crackers we decided to start with fried calamari. This was your classic calamari dish which was good, but definitely not necessary to order with so much other food on the way.

For our mains, we dined on the Rib Eye Steak, Alaskan Halibut, Steamed Brocoli and Macaroni and Cheese. All were delicious, but the winner of the night was the Alaskan Halibut. The fish was cooked perfectly with a crispy blackened skin which paired down the lightness of the fish. The Halibut was served with a Farro Risoto and Roasted Cauliflower, which set this meal apart. The Farro had a smooth texture with a subtle hint of creamy texture and cheesy taste. As for the Roasted Cauliflower, if was perfectly browned and spiced. This dish was amazing and definitely a must try for those that either like fish or don’t eat meat.

The Rib Eye was order medium rare and unfortunately was a little over cooked for our likening. If you order steak here make sure you specify exactly how you want your meat cooked. Having the brocoli and mac and cheese as sides we’re excellent choices for the steak. Some might wonder why we opted for steamed brocoli over sautéed, but when you consider all the fat in the steak and mac and cheese, it’s a nice way to add healthy greens to a steakhouse meal.

Dino and Harrys was delicious and a great atmosphere for dinner!

Happy Traipsing!


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