Abbey Road 

We all know why Abbey Road is iconic but the idea of making a pilgrimage to it is much more wimisical than it really is. 

A friend of The Traipsing Co. is a huge Beatles fan and couldn’t wait to traipse here. However the spot is merely a busy intersection that sadly cannot be shut down for commoners to take pictures. 

If you truly have your heart set on going here make sure you follow the below tips.

  • Wait in line to cross at the infamous crosswalk 
  • When it is your turn make sure you have a friend ready and in position to quickly snap the photo of you walking across
  • We recommend your photographer stand back in order to get the entire view of the street and the surrounding apartment buildings 
  • Your friend should look both ways for on coming traffic, snap the picture and get out of the street
  • Make sure you switch roles because you’re probably only going to visit Abbey Road once!

Enjoy the surrounding area of Abbey Road, it’s beautiful there! 

As Always,

Happy Traipsing!


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