Hank’s Seafood Restaurant

If you’re looking for some of the best seafood in Charleston then you must go to Hank’s Seafood Restaurant! Hank’s is a little on the pricy side but the quality is well worth it.

During The Traipsing Co’s. last night in Charleston we decided to splurge and eat at Hank’s. We ordered Oysters on the half shell, Charleston She Crab Soup and the Sautéed Lump Crab cakes. These three dishes were all fantastic and could have made a meal for two! The crab cake was the favorite of the three. It wasn’t fried or too oily which is always a looming concern when ordering this dish. Sautéing both sides crisped up the top and bottom just enough to give you that traditional crab cake texture. The sweetness of the corn combined with the basil and a hint of sweet in the champagne sauce gave this dish balance and an amazing taste.

For our meals we ordered the Rare Seared Tuna and the Bouillabaisse. The tuna was cooked to perfection and was a phenomenal dish with a few simple ingredients like caramelized onions, goat cheese, oil, cured olives, roasted tomatoes, and basil. It was a generous portion of tuna, onions and tomatoes that became too much to finish.

The Traipsing Co. was so full from all five dishes that desert was not even a thought. This meal was incredible and if you’re ever in Charleston, you should traipse on over to Hank’s seafood Restaurant!


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