Jack & Co

Now that winter is beginning to set in we’re enjoying traipsing to local spots. One local restaurant that reopened this year is Jack & Co, which was formally Clinton Social. Jack & Co is a great spot for meeting with friends for Brunch, after work beverages and dinner with the family.

We traipsed to Jack & Co with one of our good friends for brunch and this restaurant scored major points with her because they had the Giant’s game on the TVs. There is nothing better than being able to sip on a peach prosecco mojito and watch football!

For our meals we ordered a cup of the french onion soup and one quinoa arugula salad with chicken and one without. The salads were delicious and the soup was enjoyable. Our only comment for the french onion soup was that there was too much Gruyère and provolone and not enough broth and onions.

The service was great and we lingered at our table for a while. Its always appreciated not being rushed after you finish your meal. There is truly something for everyone at this casual and cozy spot, so make sure you put this on your list of Hoboken restaurants to traipse to!


As Always,

Happy Traipsing!



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