National Air and Space Museum

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum was interesting, fun and not just for kids. Definitely make this a stop when you’re traipsing through DC!

Our time at this museum was awe-inspiring. Viewing the different planes and drones suspended from the ceiling makes every guest imagine what it was like to pilot those machines. For us, one of the most exciting parts was being able to go into one of the older American Airlines Boeing planes and see the cockpit and all the controls.

The museum also houses an Apollo exhibit. This exhibition is called Apollo to the Moon and displays artifacts from the Apollo mission. Make sure you look at the Skylab 4 Command Module and the astronaut suits. Those were a few of my favorite objects in this gallery.

One of the final exhibits we toured were the planes from WWII. This exhibition was called World War II Aviation. The Smithsonian takes the fantasies about fighting in the sky and instead depicts what it was really like to be a pilot during this time period. I consider myself gutsy, but after seeing what these soldiers were flying, I can assure I would not have been able to do that!



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