The Orangery 

After Traipsing through Hyde Park on a Sunday Afternoon there is no better place to have lunch than at The Orangery.

On a perfect Fall day it’s hard to decide whether to sit inside or out at The Orangery and since we’ve had high tea on the porch in early Spring, this time we ate in the main dining room. With the sun shining in through the large windows and bubbly poured into champagne flutes we kicked off our final lunch in London.

Skipping appetizers, we ordered our mains and sides. The sea bass with a side of cabbage salad, the barley beet and pumpkin seed salad with a side of carrots, and the chilled tomato soup with the pear and walnut salad. 

Top picks were the barley beet and pumpkin seed salad and the baby carrots. The carrots were perfectly cooked and lightly buttered. The barley salad was the perfect healthy option. The salad was lightly dressed in a mustard vinaigrette which complimented the sweetness from the beets. 

Lunch and tea at The Orangery is a peaceful and lovely place to have a meal followed by traipsing through Kensington Palace.

As Always,

Happy Traipsing!


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