Treats and Tea at Alice’s Tea Cup

Looking for a cute place to get together with friends? Alice’s Tea Cup has three charming locations that can make any occasion special!

We caught up with a friend this weekend at Alice’s Tea Cup, Chapter II. Upon arriving this little tea house was packed, which is always a good sign. Unfortunately they don’t take reservations for parties under six so there was a bit of a wait. Luckily we had a great fall day and explored the Upper East Side as we waited for our table.

After being seated on the upper level of Alice’s Tea Cup we dived right into all the menus that were presented to us. Since we were at the end of typical brunch hours and the beginning  of their lunch service they wanted to accommodate our appetites desire. We decided on the Mad Morning Tea for two.

For our teas we sipped on Bai Hao White Champagne Oolong and the Indian Chai. Paired with our drinks were greek yogurt with fruit and granola, scrambled eggs and two scones. Everything was delicious and perfect portions! Our only recommendation is that the granola could have been broken up a little more. The scones we selected were the blueberry pineapple and the vegan banana nut oatmeal. Both were phenomenal, but our favorite was the blueberry pineapple because the fruit was bursting with flavor, it was not dry or overly sweet. This scone put together with the homemade clotted cream and raspberry preserves, couldn’t be a more perfect combination!

Alice’s Tea Cup is such a fun and cute atmosphere that we’ll keep traipsing to with the girls!

As Always,

Happy Traipsing!


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