What a trendy and delicious spot for Mediterranean food! If you like Mediterranean cuisine then you must try Zaytinya.

The décor was modern and centered around a white, gray and blue color palette. While the interior was formal, the outdoor patio was more relaxed. The service was excellent and they were able to accommodate our outdoor seating request.

After sitting they immediately began bringing out what seemed like never ending pita bread. We were in heaven with the warm pita. The only comment on this is that the balsamic in the oil was a bit too sweet for our liking. The menu had many options, which became a little daunting. In the end we decided to try the Chef  Experience, $55/person and the Restaurant Week Experience $35/person. The Chef Experience included more gourmet dishes, while the Restaurant Week served up Mediterranean staples like Hummus, Falafel, Rock Shrimp, Chicken without the Kebab and Apricot sorbet desert. Between both meals we easily had the highlights from the entire menu and the best part was that the Experience took the hassle out of ordering.
The meal was amazing and top favorites were the falafel, crispy Brussels sprouts and Rock Shrimp in a heavenly sauce. Our one complaint is that they brought the hummus out after the chicken dish which was supposed to be the appetizer. Other than that, we had so much food that we were too full to continue to traipse through DC’s nightlife.


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