Royal Mews

Buckingham Palace may be closed to visitors until July 2017 but the Royal Mews isn’t! 

We traipsed to Buckingham and were pretty let down when we found out the palace is currently closed. However, stumbling upon the Royal Mews was a blessing in disguise. Who doesn’t want to look at the Royal Family’s carriages and horses?! 

We went on the free guided tour instead of using the audio guide and the human element enhanced the experience. Our guide was able to give us more than facts about the transportation of the Royal Family. He was able to provide stories and convey wittiness from years of experience to the tour. Some interesting facts we gained from our time at the Royal Mews are below.

  • The Royal Mews coordinates  logistics of Royal Weddings
  • Princess Diana wanted to be a normal bride and be late for her wedding. The Royal Mews was able to make her 30 seconds late to her big day!
  • Every Royal Bride rides in the Irish State Coach except the Duchess Catherine 
  • It takes 3 years to train a Royal horse
  • Members of the Royal Mews actually live on site in apartments
  • Being a lamp winder is a real and never ending job of the Royal Family 
  • Royal State limos and Coaches are not black , they are a deep maroon in color
  • Finally, the Gold State Coach takes two days to get in and out of the Royal Mews 

See some pictures below from our time at the Royal Mews. 

As Always, 

Happy Traipsing!


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