Angel Oak Tree

If you are ever driving down to Kiawah or the Seabrook Islands, we highly recommend taking 30 minutes out of your trip to traipse to and experience this tree. To go from Charleston to Angel Oak only takes about twenty minutes, but we were driving to Kiawah and the tree was right on our way.  When we finally arrived at the park that Angel Oak is housed in we immediately went looking for parking. The parking lot is small and the overflow area is the side of the street, which fills up quickly too. We waited a good 15 minutes in the parking lot until one of the other visitors left.

After the car situation was under control we walked over and ultimately under the tree. Angel Oak is enormous. To put it in perspective almost 67 ft tall, 28 ft wide and brings about 17.2k square ft of shade. The tree is so large that its branches grow up, then touch the ground and then begin to grow up again. There are points at which the tree is resting on little stands, which have been put into place to preserve the tree. While you are visiting, don’t be surprised if you see many signs telling you not to climb, sit or carve your name on Angel Oak, this is to ensure that other generations will be able to see the tree too.

Angel Oak was truly amazing to visit. If you are ever in the area you must stop and see the oldest living thing on this side of the Mississippi!IMG_2277


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