Black and Blue 

A casually chic place to lunch near Borough Market.

Our original idea for lunch on a Saturday in London was to traipse around Borough Market and stop at the various shops and eat. However after walking to and from the Tower of London we decided that our feet needed a break. Borough Market is definitely one of those places to be on the weekend because the market itself and the surrounding restaurants were mobbed with people, which can make it difficult to get a table with no reservation. As we exited the Market and began to traipse around the area looking for lunch and a table we stumbled on Black and Blue. The hostess was able to accommodate us immediately, which was impressive given the crowds. 

Once at the table it was nice to look around the space and take in the décor of Black and Blue. The inside is traditional with green tuffeted booth seating. However it becomes more modern and chic with all the glass used for the windows, staircase and second floor. The glass combined with the high ceilings and natural light from the outside open and elevate the space.

For our meals we all decided on the prefix two course lunch menu. For starters we individually enjoyed split pea and mint soup, fried prawn and spinach artichoke dip. All were delicious but none surprised us more than the soup. The mint was not over powering and enhanced the creamy taste of the dish. 

The second course was a mix of salmon over vegetables, kale/Quinoa/feta salad and a chicken burger with chips on the side. The salad was fresh and perfectly dressed. It had more avocado than expected and a few clumps of feta which had to be cut up and tossed. The meal was exactly what we needed after a full morning and early afternoon of traipsing. 

Black and Blue is highly recommended if you’re looking for a meal that is more traditional but still close to the hustle and bustle of Borough Market.

As Always,

Happy Traipsing!


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