There’s no place like Nobu

The first time I ever had sushi was at Nobu in Milan, Italy and ever since then I have become a sushi addict. I experienced Nobu in the spring of 2013 and raved about it ever since. Even though I enjoyed my time at Nobu in Milan I hadn’t been to either of their locations in New York City until this past Monday and Ohmigod, I had completely forgotten how divine the food was!

Joe and I had reservations at Nobu 57 for 9 pm. We arrived a few minutes early and were able to be seated upstairs immediately. We began taking in our surroundings and the menu. The atmosphere was chic with low lighting, soft background music and the exceptional service contributed to it as well.

Even though we had many recommendations from friends on dishes we needed to try we left up all the meal decisions to our superb waiter. she even helped us choose a wine that would compliment all of our dishes. With her help we selected a refreshing Sauvignon Blanc (Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough 15), which I highly recommend!

We kicked off the meal with the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño. This was incredibly fresh, lightly drizzled in a soy sauce that had just enough kick from the tiny sliver of jalapeño that topped each piece. Next we tried the field greens in the miso dressing. I was a little upset at first that the dressing wouldn’t be your typical ginger dressing but after trying the miso dressing I had almost forgotten that ginger dressing even existed.

Once we finished the field greens we were then served with the Crispy Rice with Spicy Tuna and Fluke Sashimi with Dry Miso and Yuzu Sauce. The Crispy Rice was almost like eating a more sophisticated tater tot which was further dressed up with spicy tuna for dipping…talk about yum! True heaven was the Fluke. I could have eaten the entire plate by myself. The dried miso really brought out the natural flavors of the fish and added a nice texture to balanace out the smoothness of the fish.

After these two dishes were gone we then enjoyed a half order of both the Brussels Sprouts Ponzu and the Cauliflower with Jalapeño Dressing. Me, being the veggie lover of our relationship just couldn’t resist asking the waitress if they were worthwhile so naturally she brought them out. I recommend  both, but if you have to pick one I would go with the cauliflower since I like spice, it was amazing!

Finally we finished up our dinner with two rolls, a Salmon Avacado and Tuna Belly along with Salmon, Fluke and Japanese Red Snapper sushi. All of these were fantastic and perfectly prepared so that there was no need to add extra wasabi or soy sauce.

The meal was absolutely phenomenal and I feel so lucky that Joe and I were able to traipse here for my 25th Birthday!

Happy Traipsing,




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