A food lover’s paradise can be easily found at Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, NY. This open air market serves up some of the best takes on American classics like donuts and french fries, while other vendors merge two cultures into one tasty dish. The 2016 Smorgasburg market is ending on October 29th and now that fall is officially upon us there is no better place to kick-start a Saturday or Sunday with friends and family.

This market opens at 11 am and The Traipsing Co. arrived at about 11:30 am.  It was nice to get there early because you could do a lap or two around Smorgasburg, take in all the different choices and then traipse to one of the food stands.

If you are a french fry lover I suggest you go straight to the Home Frite stand and wait in line, which can span a few hundred feet. Their fries are crispy, long, a thicker cut and definitely worth the wait! Another food stand we stopped at was Goa Taco. Their Paratha tacos uses a flaky flatbread instead of a traditional hard or soft taco shell.  We ordered the slow roasted pork belly Paratha taco and it was unbelievable. Thr only criticism is that like most tacos, this one held a lot of juice, which caused the flatbread to get a bit soggy. My advice is to eat this quickly if you don’t want a soggy taco.

Smorgasburg is an exciting and delicious place to visit so hurry before the 2016 season ends, otherwise you’ll have to wait till April 2017 to find out what all the fuss is about!



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