Surfside Tacos in DC

After docking the bikes near Du Pont circle, we walked over to Surfside. Our first reaction was mixed because it is a little stand that we typically would never get food from. Think of it as a taco snack shack with a few tables to sit at. However, local after local came traipsing up to order food, which made us think that this place was probably not going to disappoint. Most of the locals seemed to just order and carry their meal away. When it was finally our turn to order, we decided on the Cabo san Lucas and the Negril tacos. The Cabo san Lucas was a steak taco and the Negril was a blackened fish taco. Both meals came with two tacos and a side of yellow rice. Since we’re suckers for guac we had to get it. The guac was very refreshing and held us over until the tacos came out. The Negril tacos were perfectly spiced, a bit hot but that’s how we like it! The most interesting part is that they were served with two corn tortillas instead of one. They pack in the fish and toppings so two tortilla’s definitely hold better than one.

The Cabo san Lucas tacos were fantastic. They were juicy and perfectly spiced so that there was no need to add any extra condiments. The yellow rice was buttery and complimented the Cabo san Lucas tacos well.

Some things to note about Surfside is that it is credit card only. This stand is open 24 hours, and they offer hand sanitizer. We bring up hand sanitizer because it is useful after riding shared bikes all day and Surfside doesn’t have a bathroom for you to wash up in.


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