Seamore’s in Nolita

If you are looking for a casual but trendy GNO seafood restaurant than look no further than Seamore’s.

Seamore’s specializes in delivering fabulous dishes that are centered around seafood provided by local fisheries that use sustainable wild fishing practices. By sourcing their food locally Seamore’s is able to deliver the freshest seafood to its guests.

For starters the atmosphere is artsy with some overlays of a nautical theme. It is a seafood restaurant so clearly they had to address the obvious. The entire vibe of Seamore’s is casual, but hip so no need to wear 6 inch stilettos and a mini dress here. Jeans, a cute top and booties will be more than enough.

We began with the Poke, which was very fresh and a generous portion for two. Poke is the new guac so naturally we had to try. For our mains we tried two of their tacos, the grilled squid and crispy fish. The crispy fish taco was their red snapper. If you haven’t had red snapper before it’s a white fish that is lean and flaky. Similar to flounder or tilapia. Both were amazing, but the grilled squid taco was completely different and a reorder. The taco begins with a corn tortilla that gets spread with a sweet potato puree. The grilled squid is then placed and lightly drizzled with pesto. Toasted almonds are then added on top for garnishment, while bringing a little crunch to all the smooth textures. This entire combination works incredibly well together and perfectly spiced, salt and pepper are not even needed for this dish.

Seamore’s was delicious and we can’t wait to Traipse there again soon!


Happy Traipsing!


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