Cumberland Street Smokehouse 

How could we go to Charleston and not get some of their famous BBQ??? On our last full day in this beautiful city, we decided for lunch that we had to get some good old BBQ. As we were walking we smelled the aroma of Cumberland Street Smoke, which led us to traipse inside and to the bar. The drinks were beyond reasonably priced and the food was too good to be true. The white wine was $4/glass and a 16 oz beer was $6.  For lunch we ordered chicken wings, pulled pork sandwich with a side of mac n’ cheese, and salad with pulled chicken. To say the least, the chicken was like a smokey melt in your mouth butter. The wings were dry rubbed and then lightly fried. We agreed, these were the best wings we ever tasted. The best part about them was that they were not drenched in a traditional buffalo sauce. Finally the mac n’ cheese  was creamy, crisped nicely on top and gooey in the center. Over all this meal was delicious and we highly recommend traipsing here!


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