High Tea at the Connaught Hotel

How to kick off any trip to London? With Champagne and Afternoon Tea at the Connaught Hotel! 

After a long day of travel we finally  made it to London and chose to set the tone of our trip in the most sophisticated and relaxing manor. We traveled to London a few years ago and experienced our first High Tea and had dreamed of the day when we would return. Finally that day has come and this is all we could hardly wait for! 

We began by selecting the champagne experience for the type of Afternoon Tea. We  picked the white champagne but they also offered Rosé. (If it was still summer we probably would have picked that option given our love for Rosé).

After the bubbly was poured we then got into the fun part of selecting from a large but refined menu of Teas. The Earl Grey and the Connaught’s own Afternoon Blend were exactly what we needed to shake off the terrible United Airlines coffee and tea, which should have been illegal to serve!

Once our teas were properly poured into our cups our server then brought us each our own finger sandwiches. We sampled the spicy mustard egg salad, curried chicken salad, cucumber and mint, ham and mustard on wheat and your classic salmon with cream cheese. All were incredible but the top table favorites were the salmon, chicken salad and cucumber sandwiches.

After finger sandwiches came the scones and pastries to conclude the experience and the chef at the Connaught did not disappoint! Look through the pictures to see our beautiful deserts.

The atmosphere, service and most notably the menu make Afternoon Tea at the Connaught one that everyone should try! 

As Always,

Happy Traipsing! 


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