Boone Hall Plantation

After driving 8 hours from DC to Charleston, we planned to stop at Boone Hall Plantation prior to checking in to our hotel. Towards the end of the long drive we wanted to ditch this plan and just walk around the city, but thank goodness we didn’t! We were blown away by the beauty, preservation and level of knowledge that all of our docents had when touring us around.

After getting your tickets at the entrance, you’ll then drive up the long oak avenue which is customary for many plantations to have. However, Boone Hall’s oak avenue is kept in meticulous condition that surpasses many others.  The first tour we went on was the house tour. It was amazing to go into the few rooms on display, which leaves you wanting to tour the rest of the home. However it is a private residence, which is why most of the house was off-limits. One notable topic that our guide discussed were the movies that were shot here. The most notable being The Notebook, which was filmed during the winter due to the heat that summer time brings.

Once we finished the house tour we traipsed through the yard and then the gardens,  which housed a few of their pecan trees. If you do visit Boone Hall, make sure you ask about the proper pronunciation of PECAN. We made our way over to the coach tour where we learned more about the property by cart. We were able to see that Boone Hall is still a working farm to this day and much of the land was sold off which became an upscale residential development. Boone Hall also puts on Halloween events like a corn maze, pumpkin picking,  and fright nights. Our tour guide assured us that no one does Halloween like Boone Hall. The guide even pointed out the trenches that Robert E. Lee commanded the Confederate Army to build as a defense against the Union Army. Battles in the civil war were also fought at Boone Hall as well.

After the Coach Tour ended we traipsed on over to the dock. It was so peaceful and scenic that there wasn’t a doubt in my mind about why Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds decided to get married there. Finally, we spent some time with Boone Hall’s horses. When we returned to the car all we kept saying was thank goodness we traipsed to Boone Hall!


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